Coos County Logging Museum
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We are an educational resource that provides interactive, multimedia exhibits to inform our visitors about the history of the logging industry in Oregon. The museum contains a collection of photographs, tools, videos, artwork, relief wood carvings and displays that is unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. 

It is a community centerpiece, knitting together the historic architecture of Myrtle Point with the community's long history as a regional center for the logging industry. 

"The artifacts of old-time logging are fascinating and often strange, both in appearance and nomenclature.  The flavor of our county, our figures of speech, our economy, and many aspects of our lifestyles are all salted and seasoned with the wood smoke and grease, pitch and sweat, and the backbreaking toil of harvesting timber. The museum stands as an attempt to preserve the origins of these aspects of our culture before they are obscured by the passage of time."

Come on by. Tell us how you found us.

Contact Information

Phone : 541 572 1014

Address : 705 Maple Street

P.O. Box 325

Myrtle Point




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